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Cocky Valve

List of Registered Designs for Cocky valve Ulti Flo Valves:

Australia 201910827/202115190
Canada 189378
European Union 6706156
United Kingdom 6068126
New Zealand 425953
International Patent Application Pending PCT/AU2020/000017
International Patent Application Pending PCT/AU2020/000017 

Big Valve Distributions T/a Cocky Irrigation.

List of Registered Designs Registered Designs Flow Regulation Series. (Irrigation Network Valve)

Australia 2014289970 
Chinese ZL201480050555.5
European Union 18171903
Hong Kong 1226468          
India 201617001504
Japan 6454700                                                                               
New Zealand 716718                                                                                 
USA 9,850,635                                                                            

Non Return Series. (Valve for Large Scale Irrigation)
Australia 2018271132
European Union  18801386.6
Hong Kong  62020004942
New Zealand 759979
USA 16/613,725