Cocky Valve

Water is too precious to risk!

Cocky Valve – ULTI FLO™

Water is too precious to risk!

The COCKY Valve is an Australian designed Stock Trough Valve.

Designed by an Aussie Farmer for Aussie Farmers. This indestructible Stainless-Steel 316 valve puts an end to the frustration caused by blocked, erratic or broken stock trough valves.

Cocky valve has developed and patented an industry leadingULTI FLOvalve that virtually eliminates the frustration and cost associated with valves that break, block or leak!

ULTI FLOvalves:

  • Deliver 4 litres / sec into the trough at just 200 Kpa (30 psi)
  • Reliably Seals at 900 Kpa (130 psi)
  • Fits most trough types using a patented universal adapter.
  • Are manufactured from unbreakable Stainless Steel 316 material.
  • Are Guaranteed for Life against breakage.

If you want a valve that you can rely on to deliver water to your animals where and when you need it look no further than the Cocky Valve ULTI FLO

No other valve can match our reliability and performance

Available through your local Stockist.

Refer to our catalogue for our complete product range. (Product Catalogue)


Cocky Valves - UltiFlo An Introduction

Have a look at the new and simplified Cocky valve – Ulti-flow range. Designed for simple and universal implementation over almost all configurations.

Cocky Valve - Adaptor Run-through

Check out the new Cocky Valve adapter that allows the valve to be easily adapted to almost all trough configurations.