We’re the industry leaders in innovation and design.

We made a splash when we first entered the market well over 20 years ago with the first ever completely stainless-steel valve and we haven’t looked back.

Our super strong valves have up to four times the flow rate of competitors at high pressure, are corrosion resistant, virtually unblockable and definitely unbreakable. How do we know? We’ve sold 10’s of thousands, with not one break yet.

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Australia’s Most Reliable Valves. Guaranteed.


Congratulations on a fine product. Having concrete tanks with low water pressure and lots of large water beetles, a lot of time was spent each summer unblocking valves and pipes. So we bought one of your valves which solved all our problems. Have since fitted out all my tanks this way and very pleased with result. Thank you for a labor saving device

David Johnston

I am not sure when I got my first Cocky Valve, but it was just after they came on the market (sometime in the 1990's). The claim that this is the only Trough Valve you will not need to replace is very true in my experience. It is now 2020 and I have not replaced any.

John Buxton

We have since changed all of our valves over to the Cocky Valve. We have total confidence in them. They are really well designed and engineered. I would highly recommend them to anyone, they are really first class.

Bevan Brinkley

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