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Return Policy

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best online shopping experience, making them 100% satisfied with their purchase. So, if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, just go through our easy return process.


This return policy is only applicable to products purchased from our official site and does not pertain to other sites that sell Cocky Valve products.

Returning an Item:

1.Arrived damaged

We provide a free return of the product if it is damaged during shipping except artificial damage. When your product is broken, you need to send us the photos of broken product.

2.Missing part

If product parts are missing, we can send you the replacements or partially refund you your money.

3.Wrong item sent

If the product you received is not the one you purchased, you should send photos of the product to us, and we will provide the right one for you after verification.

4.Doesn’t work or defective

When you received a product that does not work, you can contact us and we will provide corresponding technical support. If it still does not work, you can ask for a return. When the product is defective, you can ask us to give you some technical support or a solution. If you try to repair or modify the product by yourself without first contacting us, we will not provide you with compensation. If you can’t repair it by yourself under our direction, we will offer you a replacement of the item.

Unacceptable Reasons for Free Return:

1.Arrived too late

  • While we apologize if you have a long wait for the product to arrive, but shipping times are largely out of our control and is not an acceptable reason for a return.
  •  If you receive the product late because we were out of stock, then we may offer some compensation to you, such as a discount coupon code or a partial refund.

2.Don’t want the item

If you have already received the item but changed your mind and no longer want it, you cannot return the item and get a refund. Following situations are also not an unacceptable reason for a return: mistaken ordering, changing your mind, or price change.

3.Doesn’t match the description

If you received an item that is not the same as the description or image, please give us feedback. Based on the specific reason, we will decide the return freight.

4.Doesn’t seem authentic/new

As a premium brand operating for well over 20 years, our products are all new, unused and genuine. We never sell any product that has been used or returned. If you receive an item that appears to have been used previously, please advise us immediately.

5.Without installation instructions.

When you receive a Genuine Cocky Valve product, in most instances, the instructions are included on the packaging. If the packaging is missing or damaged, refer to our website for an electronic version of instructions or video of installation or maintenance.

6.Doesn’t fit

If the size you received does not fit because of a manufacturing fault, you can immediately contact us to get a suitable solution.

Unacceptable Reasons for Return:

  • Item was polluted accidentally.
  • Item was damaged by mistake when being used or installed incorrectly.

How to return the product?

Contact us by email when you ask for a return, we will provide a shipping label and all necessary details then.

How about after returning items?

  1. We will send you a new item after receiving your parcel.
  2. If you want to get a refund after the product has arrived at our warehouse, you need to contact us.

Note: We reserve all the rights to the final interpretation of these terms. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Refund Policy

Every product is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty against breakage and a 30-day return policy from the date of receipt of shipment.

If you need to return a product and get a refund, please contact us for a free shipping label and then simply ship it back.

Satisfying Guarantee for Every Purchase

Dear customer, if you are not satisfied with any item purchased from Cocky Valve, please contact us before applying for a return or refund. A prompt product exchange should be available provided there is proof of purchase from Cocky Valve. Applications for a return must be made within a month after you receive the item.

Please do check everything carefully after you receive the parcel, any damage will not be covered if it’s related to artificial damage. If your item has been damaged in transit or becomes faulty in the warranty period, please email us with pictures or video to show the problem.

1.All returns must be pre-approved. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

2.Check twice to confirm the item is not working and then contact us to let us know the problem and then send us some pictures or video for confirmation.

3.The same warranty is provided for replaced products and the returned ones.

If you are going to ship the product

  1. Carefully pack the item(s) in the original package if available.

  2. Stick the shipping label we have provided on the outside of the parcel.

  3. The refund will be processed after the item is received by our warehouse staff and confirmed to be unopened and in good condition.

  4. For assistance with return or refunds, send a email to

Return Address:

Consignee:     Cocky Valve
Address:         U3, 12 – 16 Govan St. Seaford.  Victoria. 3198
Tel:                  (03) 9798 2633