Universal Float Adaptor & Chains

Float Valves are only a Float Valve when the float stays attached to the Valve.

Cocky Valve have a large range of ss316 Super strong Float fitting options to suit virtually any install.

There are three lengths of chain kit:

  • The short kit, which consists of 2 x M5 “D” Shackles 1 x M10 nipple,
  • 300mm long float chain with a M5 “D” Shackle and M10 nipple
  • 600mm long float chain with a M5 “D” Shackle and M10 nipple

In addition to these more conventional methods of attaching floats to the valve we have developed the Universal adaptor.

The Cocky Valve Universal Float adaptor is a unique and revolutionary device that allows a Cocky float to be positioned in a total of 12 different locations. It enables the float to be fitted above, on the end, or below the float arm as well as either forward or back and can even be used to extend the length (and leverage) of the float arm. It is manufactured from grade SS316 stainless steel, which is unbreakable. You won’t find anything like this patented “universal float adaptor” anywhere else!

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