Cocky Valve Products

Cocky Valve’s are extremely strong and durable. All components, including the arms, are produced from SS316 stainless steel which we regard as the best material to use for a trough valve. The valve is designed to be full flow in all sizes, un-blockable and virtually indestructible. With over 100,000 valves sold nationally over many years, we have NEVER had a valve body break.

We Guarantee our valves against breakage when installed as recommended.

Fact: Whatever flow you get to your trough, you will get into your trough after fitting our valves. There is NO REDUCTION in the flow rate.

A number of specialised accessories are also available to allow for a wide range of applications and configurations. This includes a variety of arms, floats and chain kits. All Cocky Valve accessories are manufactured with a focus on quality of materials and design, guaranteeing years of reliable service.

We have been the leader in innovation and design for many years and we continue to do so. We may be a small family run, Australian owned business, but we continue to lead the market. We believe in honesty and integrity in our business and we engage with all our customers with these core values foremost in our minds.

Cocky Valves, are simply the best valve in the market. No other valve comes close

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