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Ulti Flo Installation

Installation made easy

The Cocky Valve Ulti Flo Float Valve is designed to be the strongest and most reliable valve in the market.

All components are SS316 and the valve assembly is extremely simple and quick to install into either tank or trough.

This animation shows the simple steps needed to install, how the valve functions and shows all components.

Easy and quick to install and Guaranteed for Life..that’s Cocky Valve.

The solution for every trough - Universal Adaptor

The Cocky Valve Universal Float adaptor is a unique and revolutionary device that allows a Cocky float to be positioned in a total of 12 different locations. It enables the float to be fitted above, on the end, or below the float arm as well as either forward or back and can even be used to extend the length (and leverage) of the float arm. It is manufactured from grade SS316 stainless steel, which is unbreakable. You won’t find anything like this patented “universal float adaptor” anywhere else!


"Thank you for a labor saving device"

Congratulations on a fine product. Having concrete tanks with low water pressure and lots of large water beetles, a lot of time was spent each summer unblocking valves and pipes. So we bought one of your valves which solved all our problems. Have since fitted out all my tanks this way and very pleased with result. Thank you for a labor saving device.

Introduction to Cocky Valves

Cocky Valves: An Introduction

Have a look at the Cocky valve range. Designed for simple implementation over almost all configurations. Peter runs through some of our most popular products.