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Float Chain With M10 Nipple

$21.84 - $27.09

This chain kit contains a 300mm stainless steel jack chain, an M5 standard Dee Shackle and an M10 stainless steel nipple.

Cocky Chain Kits are the ideal way to fix Cocky ball floats to the arms, while allowing easy adjustment of float height. They provide one of the strongest float fixings on the market, and are much stronger than a thin fibre string.

It is as simple as:

Screwing the nipple on the end of the jack chain into the float.
Fitting the Dee shackle to the end of the arm.
Passing the jack chain through the shackle until the float is at the required height.
Fixing the end link of the jack chain back onto a link of the chain going back up to the float. The chain is effectively looped through the shackle and fixed back onto itself.

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