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Kondinin Report released

By Peter Cocciardi - April 30, 2018

Kondinin Report – May 2014

To our Valued Customers,

Great news for Cocky Valves!! – now tried and tested by the Kondinin Research Group!

Some of you may be familiar with the Kondinin Group and the outstanding industry research it does in the Australian Agricultural market.

In a recent research report, they explored the (sometimes confusing) world of quality trough valves in Australia.

We are excited to announce that Cocky Valves came up trumps in all areas of testing, including:

Equal first for flow rate

  • Equal first for construction quality
  • Equal second for ease of use

The researcher’s top likes for the Cocky Valves were,

Stainless Steel Construction

  • Huge Flow Rate
  • High and Low pressure pivot points
  • Great range of accessories available

See the attached .pdf to the full Kondinin Report here.