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Full Flow Float Valve

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Cocky Full Flow Float Valve Bodies are made from heavy duty stainless steel and can reliably operate in both very low (≤ 5 psi – 30kpa) or very high pressure (≥ 150psi – 1050 kpa) installs.
They can be fitted above or below the required water level, with some arm combinations even allowing the valve to be inverted and fitted up from the bottom face of the trough (as many feedlots require).

With our range of sizes, nine different arm lengths, plus adaptors, chain kits and deflector guards, you can create virtually any configuration and combination. This means you can customise your Full Flow valve installation to achieve the exact water flow you need, no matter what trough or tank type you’re using. Cocky Valve is just what the farmer called for!

  • Unbreakable
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Full Flow at High Pressure

Superior materials = superior strength

All components of Cocky water trough float valves are made from stainless steel 316. This premium grade stainless steel is far superior in strength to plastic or brass, and has increased corrosion resistance. Using unbreakable stainless steel means we can guarantee a Cocky Valve will not break, even under the most extreme conditions, providing you with the confidence that water will always be there when your stock needs it.

Superior shut off performance

Our Full Flow float valves can handle either very low (≤ 5 psi – 30kpa) or very high pressure (≥ 150psi – 1050 kpa) installs. So whether you need a very low pressure float valve, or a very high pressure float valve, Cocky has you covered.

Superior flow rates

Our Full Flow float valves perform exactly as you need them to, regardless of the pressure. There is no need for a flow reducing plastic insert. Whatever flow rate is available at your trough or tank will be delivered through the Full Flow Cocky Valve.

Lifetime Guarantee

You won’t find a stronger or more reliable stock trough float valve – we guarantee it. Cocky Valve offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage when installed as recommended, so if it breaks – we’ll replace it for free, or give you your money back.

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