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Ulti Flo Float Valve

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Cocky Ulti Flo Float valves are the latest evolution in our range, with a deflector incorporated into the casting of the valve body.  They were designed for those farmers who have switched from lower pressure traditional gravity fed systems of the past to high pressure pipelines and pumps. They can be fitted above or below the required water level.

Simply Choose the Ulti Flo Valve body that matches the inlet size in your trough or tank. If your trough has a 3/4” inlet, then you need a 3/4” Ulti Flow Valve body. The Ulti Flow Kits are designed to screw directly into the inlet. No bushing needed.

Then choose the arm size you need, add a float kit and finally choose the float ball size.

The Cocky Valve Ulti Flo range can be tailored to suit any installation.

  • Unbreakable
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Never replace it

Superior materials = superior strength

All components of Cocky water trough float valves are made from stainless steel 316. This premium grade stainless steel is far superior in strength to plastic or brass, and has increased corrosion resistance. Using unbreakable stainless steel means we can guarantee a Cocky Valve will not break, even under the most extreme conditions, providing you with the confidence that water will always be there when your stock needs it.

Superior shut off performance

Our Ulti Flo range of float valves can handle either very low (≤ 5 psi – 30kPa) or very high pressure (≥ 150psi – 1050 kPa) installs. They will shut off at over 900kPa (130 psi), with just a 200mm float on a 300mm long lever arm. Shut off pressures ≥ 1350 kPa (200 psi) with increased in-flows can also be achieved if the float size is increased and/or a longer lever arm is used. So whether you need a very low pressure float valve, or a very high pressure float valve, Cocky has you covered.

Superior Flow Rates:

Our Ulti Flo range of float valves will deliver 4 litres per second at just 200kPa and can deliver over 12 litres per second at the higher range of 900kPa. The Cocky valve will deliver all the in-flow rate available at the trough or tank day after day, consistently and reliably.

Lifetime Guarantee

You won’t find a stronger or more reliable stock trough float valve – we guarantee it. Cocky Valve offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage when installed as recommended, so if it breaks – we’ll replace it for free, or give you your money back.

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